If you have a loved one who is a senior citizen, a dependent adult, or a developmentally disabled person and you believe they’ve been victimized by significant financial fraud and abuse the attorneys at Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. can help.  Our legal team specializes in representing people like your loved one who have been taken advantage of financially – oftentimes by other family members or care providers.  These are trusted people who are depended on for protection and companionship which can make it even more difficult to sort out, but not when you contact Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. for legal assistance.  Hire our firm for an in-depth investigation and, if warranted, a vigorous pursuit of your claim.

There’s no time to wait when you believe financial abuses are taking place.  The faster we can uncover the details, the faster we can pursue the claim to set things right for you and your loved one.  Get an in-depth legal consultation when you contact Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. about your loved one today.