At Berry & Fritzinger, P.C., we’re much more than just attorneys to our clients.  We’re trusted advisors with a clear passion for helping our clients achieve their goals – whatever those may be.  Whether through litigation or consultation, every legal mind at our firm is dedicated to seeing you, our client, succeed.  From the board room to the court room, Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. will be there fighting for our clients’ best interests.

Our legal team takes real pride in developing meaningful relationships with our clients to ensure we’re always delivering exactly what they need.  This empowers our mission to deliver cost-effective and efficient legal solutions to help you or your business overcome whatever challenges you’re facing.  It’s what separates us from other firms in Sonoma County and makes us a premier Northern California firm.

When you need legal help you can count on, you can trust and you can believe in, call the lawyers at Berry & Fritzinger, P.C..  We’ve got the experience, the expertise, and the attention you deserve, so whether you’re starting a business, negotiating a contract, or involved in a lawsuit make the call today.

What Sets Us Apart

We are not in the business of sales.  Any legal action always involves some element of risk.  Before we agree to take your case, we make sure that you understand all the benefits and risks involved in our proposed legal course of action.  Our aim is to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision for yourself.  At Berry & Fritzinger, you will receive an honest and fair evaluation of the merits of your case, the chances you will prevail and what it will cost if you proceed.  In addition, from the initial consultation and continuing throughout the duration of the case, the attorneys at Berry & Fritzinger remain committed to clearly communicating with each client in order to ensure that their representation is tailored to the client’s needs.

Honest and Fair Evaluation

Smart Strategies

Clear Communication

Meet Our Attorneys

David W. Berry

Attorney David Berry

Elizabeth A. Fritzinger

Attorney Elizabeth A. Fritzinger

William R. LaBarge

Attorney William R. LaBarge