At Berry & Fritzinger, P.C., we have a real estate team ready, willing, and able to guide you through any legal real estate issue you may have.  From initial financing to construction contracts, and even administrative approvals for upcoming projects, our legal experts can assist you in whatever capacity you require.

We draft commercial leases for wineries and vineyards and handle grape purchasing contracts for clients.  We review complicated business contracts, including those for the purchase and installation of equipment and materials businesses need to operate and expand.  We do it all when it comes to real estate law and that means going far beyond development.

The team at Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. has successfully assisted clients with boundary disputes, quiet title actions, enforcing and/or extinguishing easements, landlord/tenant issues, non-disclosures during sales transactions, adverse possession, and eminent domain issues.  Whether you’re purchasing a new home, buying a large tract of land to develop, or simply need to determine your rights and obligations as a tenant or landlord, Berry & Fritzinger, P.C. is eager to help you reach your desired real estate goals.