If you hire employees in California, then it is time to ensure that you are providing your new employee with California’s mandated forms and pamphlets. Required Forms These forms are REQUIRED for each new hire: I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. Employers must verify every new hire’s employment eligibility by completing a I-9 within three business days [...]
Last year, the California Supreme Court made it more difficult for a business to classify a service provider as an independent contractor. The question of whether an individual worker should be classified as an employee or independent contractor has considerable significance for businesses. If a worker is classified as an employee, then the employer bears [...]
California is the first state to ban workplace discrimination for employees with hairstyles that are associated with race, such as braids, twists and locks. California’s state law provides more protection than Federal law because federal courts have generally held that hair is a characteristic that can be changed; therefore, there is no basis for discrimination [...]
If employers of a certain size do not currently offer their employees a way to save and invest for retirement, then California will soon require these employers to enroll in CalSavers, a state-sponsored retirement program. CalSavers is free for employers and CalSavers takes responsibility for choosing the mutual funds. The CalSavers’ website states in part [...]